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How would your life look different if you saw the open doors around you? If you could just get your foot in to follow the small breeze passing through the door frame, gently pushing it open?

We support expats, artists, and corporate leaders alike with creative exercises, business workshops, and 1:1 sessions to help you find the right doors and open them onto the right path.

Hi, I'm Audrey! I'll water the seeds. You'll grow yourself.

I’m a French expat in Copenhagen, Denmark, and an Associated Certified Coach (ACC) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to personal and professional fulfillment.

With a background in entrepreneurship and experience in owning and operating a successful business, alongside my business journey, I have spent years as a trained actor and tango enthusiast, leveraging the art of performance and the rhythm of tango to deepen my understanding of human connection and personal growth.

 Drawing from these diverse experiences, I bring a creative and collaborative approach to coaching that combines business insight with the passion and grace of tango. Infusing theatre techniques, creative exercises, and the spirit of tango, I empower expats and corporate leaders to navigate challenges, enhance their leadership skills, and unlock their full potential.

As an ACC coach recognized by the ICF, I am committed to upholding the highest standards of coaching ethics and excellence, providing a safe and supportive space for clients to explore, learn, and thrive.


Coaching Services

We work as a partner for our clients, helping you find your own way through life.
Decide below whether life coaching, creative coaching, or business coaching is for you.

Career Coaching

Want a better work-life balance? We will help you plan your career change and  support you settling in your new scenario.


We are specialized in coaching expats and others transitioning to a new culture & life. Find the key to your best version.

Business Coaching

1:1 leadership coaching & corporate workshops focused on how to manage stress and conflicts, and improve public speaking.

Creative Coaching

Need help with your creative process? We will give you the right tools to develop your ideas and start your dream project.

Our prices:

5 sessions of 1 hour : 5200 DKK incl VAT (€690)  
10 sessions of 1 hour : 9880 DKK incl VAT (€1320)

We offer coaching services in English & French, online and/or in person. 

For Business Workshops & 1:1 sessions, please contact us for an estimate.

Client Love

Get the confident, creative life you deserve.


FAQ: “How do I face this challenge with confidence?”

How often do you feel out of control in your life and work, like you are only reacting to situations that come up instead of feeling present and making conscious decisions? 

You’re not alone. This is overall the #1 question my clients have.

As an actor, I’ve learned to have a strong awareness of my body language and tone of voice as I move through the world.

In our coaching sessions, you’ll learn to visualize a better version of yourself and to project that image with confidence, to stay calm during difficult moments, and to act with presence when challenges come.

FAQ: "How will we accomplish all this?"

Creativity is an important life skill. It helps us stay flexible and playful even when things are tough. 

Whether you’re a manager or entrepreneur, new expat and/or new parent, we are all creative beings.

In life coaching, we’ll dig into who you are and what you want to achieve. You’ll learn strategies to bring you into the present moment and use creative exercises to remove blocks and create new thought patterns. 

Remember, coaching is a partnership. Together, we’ll get you clarity on the path forward and empower you to take on new challenges head-on.

Get the confident, creative life you deserve.

Improve Your Public Speaking

Whether we’re making a business presentation or introducing ourselves in front of a new group of people, public speaking is part of our lives. 

We’ll use creative exercises to make it feel simple and natural, with confidence and presence, until you feel comfortable in front of a crowd.

You’re one step closer to becoming more confident and present in your life.

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