I met Audrey with the purpose of enhancing my management and leadership skills. As a coach, she skillfully challenges me while showing genuine care, guiding me to prioritize self-awareness and decision-making. Every meeting with Audrey begins and ends with the same set of questions, but the content in between always surprises me, as I am […]

“The journey with Audrey has been a life changer. From the first session, we managed to pinpoint my difficulties, understand what my needs were, and find ways to manage my weaknesses and turn them into strengths. In just a few sessions, I’ve found a way that works to manage my work and improve my quality […]

“Audrey coached me on some management problems. She gave me all the tools I needed to feel confident and armed for change. She helped me how to find my own solution. I collaborated with Audrey on a play I was performing. When she’s coaching she has a pure eye on your work, without any judgment. […]

“My experience being coached by Audrey has brought on lasting changes. I came to our sessions with many goals and challenges, and I loved the way Audrey broke them down into one thing at a time, so I felt less overwhelmed by life. Her way of challenging my limiting beliefs about myself was so empathetic […]

“When Audrey started coaching me, I was going through a period of great uncertainty due to a huge life transition. Each session with her was immensely valuable in helping me gain a deeper understanding of myself. By always asking the right questions, she helped me learn about my values, my trigger points, and how to […]